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There are certain harsh realities which must be accepted by all. This world does not owe anyone a living, nor does any government. This may be re-stating the obvious but from a pragmatic perspective it seems apparent that left wing liberals have already infiltrated all strata of powerful democratic governments and in a concerted attempt, are trying to change any society who rewards hard work and effort for self improvement, into a society that expects an interfering government to control every aspect of a citizens well being. There have always been, and there will continue to be, those who are less fortunate in life. Conversely, there has always been, and will continue to be success, good fortune to the fittest, the cleverest, the hardest working. These are realities. We all have our same basic human needs which can be assisted by the state to a limited degree dictated by available resources. Interpretation and management of that limited degree is where the big problem lies. For starters, it has to be accepted by all, in a democracy there will be inequalities between those unfortunates, and those who gained success. If great success had made elitists, that is a harsh fact of reality. Alpha males are found throughout nature, so swallow the bitter pill. It has always been, and will continue to be survival of the fittest. That is the natural order of reality. We place ourselves above lower intelligent species with our capacity to analyze. If it is generally perceived elitists are taking undue advantage of their position—wherever that may be—to the detriment to others, while at the same time advancing their own success, then in a democracy, preventative laws, need to be passed, supported by an effective judiciary. Unfortunately, left wing liberal rhetoric goes beyond this process with an ideology proven unworkable, and more unfair. It has been shown to create its own elitists within its own ranks under the false premise of legally penalising through force, those that have, for the benefit of those that do not have. This just goes against realities natural order of our species success, without due regard.

This website wasn’t meant to be a political platform. I just feel so strongly about all the misplaced, outdated, left wing ideology, and social negativity I see.

Anyway, what the hell do I know—I’m just an old stump grinder!

July 8, 2017

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There are certain harsh realities which must be accepted by all. This world does not owe anyone a living, nor does any government. This may be […]
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